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The Cream Of The Crop

At last week’s e-Skills launch in Brussels (I wrote about it here) I was witness to a wonderful example of the will to win.

Attending as a delegate was a girl of 24. She was very pleasant and interesting to talk to. I was first introduced to her by another delegate, “She has an amazing story. You MUST meet her”, so off I trot to meet her.

She did have an amazing story. She had worked almost full time in the media in her home country while putting herself through university. Then saved her wages for 2 years so that she could afford to move to Brussels to study for a Master and do an internship at the same time. She had won scholarships to help her. And here she was at a policy launch to find out what happens, learn more and meet some people. She is looking for the next internship or job once she has completed her studies in a few months time.

As you might imagine, this is the kind of determination that made lots of people in the room instantly respect her and want to help if they could. She was going above and beyond and deserves to succeed. I should imagine that those of us over 30 in the room (almost everyone) recognised that it is that level of determination and hard work that helped us up our respective ladders.

She even had copies of her cv with her. Strangely, none of us found this pushy. She had made it this far, why not have your cv to hand? We were all in awe.

I have no doubt that she will find an interesting position in the near future because there were about ten of us offering to help. With a level of intellect and determination like this, who wouldn’t want her on their team?

Her nationality?


Rates of unemployment in Europe may be high, but talent always finds a way to the top.

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