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What a week!

‘Mandy’ rejoins the New Labour cabinet in a return to national power. Is this a wise move for either him or for the Brown government? Who can say?

Within the general UK population, Peter Mandelson is not viewed well. They know this, so it is clearly a calculated decision.

Is the plan to have Mandelson take the headlines for the coming year and thus reduce the pressure on Brown? Or perhaps, the cabinet is now so devoid of talent that anyone with an ounce of ability, no matter how far away they are currently employed must be recalled…

Whatever it may say, this is a real snub to the European Commission. Who is his replacement? Baroness Who? You hadn’t heard of her either? That is no surprise. Can she have Trade as a portfolio? No matter how you may think of Mandelson, he has made a decent fist of a very tough job. WTO negotiations are like playing 3D chess with over 100 competitors. This is not for the faint-hearted and though the actual achievements may be limited, he has done as well as anyone could have hoped for.

Does this make Gordon Brown the biggest eurosceptic in the UK? If he really believed in or gave a damn about Europe, he would have sent someone with a national presence to fill the role. Perhaps someone like Jack Straw. Or Tony Blair??? Ok – humour can only go so far.

Instead, well instead he could have sent me for all the population of the UK knows. And worse, she only has around a year in the job, so by the time she has figured out what on earth is going on, it will be time to leave.

Or poor old Barroso is forced to reshuffle his portfolios to find someone that wants to go to the WTO.

All this because Ruth Kelly misses her kids. If only she knew that the entire world would have to change to suit her…

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  1. Why wait for Gordon? Is that what the other EU leaders were saying in Lisbon whilst he was flying in late and they were waiting for their food???

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