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So the summit between EU leaders is just getting underway and this is on the BBC website:

BBC NEWS | Europe | Belgium detains al-Qaeda suspects

Who knows where they were or what they were planning to attack, but I for one, have long been worried about being in the Schuman area. After all, there are only so many times that a summit can be reported on across Europe before a terrorist somewhere decides that all those important people in one place is a juicy target.

And, as someone that walks past the Council building each morning, that bothers me.

Of course, we must always be vigilant. Terrorist attacks are horrible and are impossible to condone. But that does not mean they will not happen.

However, there is also the tricky subject of monitoring, investigating and arresting people before they have committed a crime. The BBC says that the suspects are believed to have been trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but that is difficult to prove and probably no more than conjecture at this time. They may actually have been visiting relatives in Pakistan. Who knows? To the best of my knowledge, it is not yet a crime to go there – but perhaps one day…

So far, it does not appear to be known what the target was. But the EU does seem like a prime location. Berlaymont? Parliament? Council? These would appear at first glance to be much more high profile than Belgian political locations.

The cynic in me wants to know that if you flattened the Berlaymont, would anything change in Europe?

The realist in me is worried that I work close by – as do many of the BlogActiv bloggers. I wish everyone reading this a safe day.

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