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In the UK at least, the issue of MPs expenses is all consuming. At long last, the general public is concerned and complaining about politicians. Heaven forbid – politicians are being called to account for their actions and finances!! The cheek of it!

The scandal is dragging many long-standing politicians into the mess from all sides of the House and destroying the reputation of virtually every politician. Even the Speaker is going!

Thus far, the only “big names” I can recall being praised for their actions are Vince Cable of the Lib-Dems and Tory leader David Cameron.

My question is, “Why worry?”

In the last few weeks I have been told by three separate individuals (two in Brussels that really ought be relied upon) and one in the UK, that around 84% of all UK legislation is now written in Brussels by the EU. One presumes that this is therefore the case for all EU member states.

If that is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, some better questions would be:

Why does the UK have MPs?

What is it that they do all day?

When will we be slimming down their number to reflect their reduced law making responsibilities?

Unless, perhaps, the UK needs it’s MPs so that the public doesn’t spot that things have changed as much as they really have.

Depending upon your viewpoint, the fact that all major parties are being shredded in the press just before an election is either a blessing or a curse. There is sure to be a significant protest vote in the European elections because general unhappiness with Gordon Brown and New Labour is everywhere. It would seem reasonable that UKIP are about to make significant gains and be the second largest party representing Brits in the place where legislation is actually made.

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