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So the financial finger-pointing continues.

I think the entire planet is now aware that there was a problem in the banking system which was compounded by a lack of regulation. The entire planet also seems to agree that change is required.

Sorry! Did I say the entire planet? As in everyone? What was I thinking?

It seems that in the UK the Treasury Select Committee does not think that everyone recognises these problems. Click here to read the BBC report about this.

Whatever happens, if there is going to be a real and substantive change in the way the banking and financial systems work, regulators MUST take more responsibility and be more visible in all of the elements of financial markets.

Since the United Kingdom is home to one of the most active elements of the global financial system, it must take a greater role.

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  1. In the long term, we will need to head towards some sort of treaty-based organization which has similar powers in relation to financial regulation that the WTO has in trade.I don’t think there is any chance of it happening again soon. we simply have to put the energy and the political leadership into making the existing architecture work as best as possible. Combating the crisis will require banks to keep a bigger cushion to ensure that ample cash is always available for transactions and that “shadow banks.Internet banks, mutual funds . and to a degree hedge funds” are adequately regulated.

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