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The result was announced around an hour ago and the 2018 World Cup will be hosted by Russia.

That is a BIG WIN for Europe!! We should celebrate!!

Under the current climate, it seems inconceivable that any of Portugal, Spain or Belgium could have spent the money required to upgrade their infrastructure. How could they have borrowed the money to pay for the work? It would have bankrupted them for a generation.

England might not have needed so much to be spent, bearing in mind the quality of existing stadia and the work being completed for the 2012 Olympic Games.

That leaves the Netherlands and Russia.

Russia have money, that is for sure. Congratulations to them, and financially at least, congratulations to Europe.

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  1. Well it was about right that someone congratulated Russia for winning the rights to hold the World Football Cup: I have done so.

    It also is a reality that the best Team won this right.

    The blame culture of the submission by England (why wasn’t it a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland bid, and even a United Kingdom and Ireland bid?) I find totally amazing. Regardless of the inspections and apparent good quality of All of The SUBMISSIONS) there are many reasons why the offer to England should not have happened. Unruly crowd behaviour this week in Birmingham, unruly Fascist behaviour of the so-called fans who provoke other countries at the drop of a hat, the Media and others. And there is the fact that the UK (not England) would not have been able to afford it despite what they say. And we must add to that the fact that they would not be able to manage such a tournament without the most heaviest of security presence around to prevent International Terrorists disrupting the events just as they have already said they will in 2012 for the Olympics of that year. The expected bill for the Security measures in the 2012 Olympics is already likely to be over £10 Billion and that money will have to be found up front for that event. A repeat for 2018 would have costed a further £12.5 billion!

    The UK cannot afford to hold the Olympics in 2012 let alone the World Cup!

    So here’s a cheer to Russia for 2018 and congratulations.

    And lest we forget here is also a cheer to Qatar also for 2022 and equally congratulations.

  2. 12.5 billion in security spending? Wow. I hadn’t heard that. That makes new stadia seem cheap. It would seem cheaper for England to pay another country to host the games!!

    I guess that the German government and finance department were pretty worried about this vote. Should Belgium, Portugal or Spain have won, would Germany have been footing part of the bill instead?

    Perhaps it might be best not to think too closely about this.

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