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Every now and again I spend 30 minutes having a browse through some of the latest Wikileaks releases. I know that the news has been pretty quiet on them since the turn of the 2011, but they are still publishing a couple of hundred cables per day and will be for years I imagine.

This little gem comes from the Finnish releases currently underway and dates back to 20/07/2007. It relates to conversations with the then Enlargement Commissioner Rehn.

Rather than write it all out and try and analyse it for you, I’m going to simply copy and paste the part that caught my eye:


¶4. (C) Turning to the EU’s role, Rehn emphasized that the Council-approved policies currently in place regarding Turkey’s accession process will not change — despite clear messages from President Sarkozy suggesting otherwise. That said, Sarkozy promised the French electorate he would seek to slow or even halt Turkey’s
bid, and “one should not underestimate his determination” to deliver on them. Rehn outlined one possible solution: The EU may ultimately need to draft new conclusions that allow Sarkozy to say to the French public, “I’ve introduced ‘privileged partnership’ to the EU discussion.” At the same time, those conclusion’s “fine print” would have to include language that allows the Turks to say that if they stay on track, they still have some control over their long term EU prospects. “It’s not very elegant,” Rehn smiled, “but that’s how the EU works.”

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