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In amongst all the hullabaloo of the impending Royal Wedding, it may have skipped your attention that the Wikileaks team has just launched another release.


I have no idea where they get this stuff from, but the world just changed again…

This release is about Guantanamo Bay and the people being held there. In quite some personal detail too.

This overview explains most of it, without needing to pore over endless documents for the next month. If you want to see the documents, they can be found here.

I’m really not sure how to feel about this set of releases. On the one hand, I do believe that government ought to be more open than it currently is. But does that mean I think it needs to be as open as Cablegate? No, not quite.

But a release like Cablegate focuses on high profile government officials. While their confidences may be being betrayed somewhat, it is their professional lives being opened up. As far as I can tell, a few obvious people aside, their private lives are not mentioned.

These releases are different again though. By publishing information about almost every detainee, a line is being crossed. Their personal information is open to the world.

Of course, this may actually be a great service to some of the prisoners. For the many that Wikileaks claim are simply taxi drivers, old men, children and low level Taliban fighters, their cases need publicity and they need to be released. For the hardened terrorists, they probably need another 30 or more years locked away somewhere.

Is there an EU angle to this? Perhaps. There are mentions of secret CIA prisons and Poland is mentioned, though I seem to recall that this was alleged a couple of years ago, so I’m not too sure it will be news to many people.

There are a number of EU citizens that will be profiled. There are, for example, nine UK files and seven French amongst others.

I fear that these will not be the real revelations that involve EU nations though. It is very possible that embarrassing details of EU governments assisting American interrogators or facilitating transportation of prisoners may emerge. It would obviously be a PR disaster for those concerned, but I guess if you did the crime…

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