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Yesterday I attended a joint press conference in the European Parliament hosted by Gianni Pitella MEP and Anna Maria Darmanin. Both are Vice-Presidents – one of the Parliament and the other of the Economic and Social Committee.

They were together to launch a joint tour of universities across the continent. The reason? To find out more about the thoughts of young people in Europe. The tour is called “5 Ideas for Europe” and can be followed at #5ideas.

More interesting to me is the cooperation between the two institutions. Let’s be honest, in Brussels each of the five EU bodies could be described as “does not play well with others“. Sure, there are all sorts of events where there are representatives from more than one institution present, but they are usually hosted by someone else or somewhere else.

When I asked Vice-President Pitella about this, he opined that in the current economic climate the European social model is at risk and therefore the two institutions need to strengthen their cooperation. Well said.

In fact, he went further…

He felt that the tour being undertaken and the ideas that they hope to collect would be strengthened if the results are discussed by both the European Parliament and the Economic and Social Committee. He even used the words, “Joint resolution”. That’s the spirit!

Sure, this is just a first step at working more closely together, but if the wider population of Europe is going to be able to gather behind the EU in support, less of the mixed messages from different institutions and more working together is in order.

Well done Mr Pitella!

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  1. If all institutions agreed together and let’s say the public disagreed or the Court said collusion or fraud was involved, would this be a good thing? It depends what they agree about, why, and in what circumstances they came to an agreement and in the interests of whom, for example party solidarity or hidden lobbies.

    1. Thanks David, you make a good point. But for the purposes of my post, I think it might be an academic one, at least at this time.

      You are right to ask what if the institutions agreed but the public did not. At this early stage, having the institutions all agree on anything seems to be a very long way away! And the concept of them all working together on something upon which they all agree is therefore even further away.

      While I think that the #5ideas project is a good way to engage with students in various countries, it isn’t likely to change the course of Europe just yet.

      Or am I missing something?

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