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This week saw FinancialGuy fly in to Brussels to attend the 2011 TEDxBrussels event, held in Bozar. Honestly, the event was excellent and well worth the effort and costs of travel.

I can’t lie, there were a number of speakers that seemed desparate to discuss the exact same topic, “singularity”. Most of the attendees I spoke to during and after the event were left completely in the dark by this. One is left to presume that singularity is the result of all speakers reading the same books and having the same conversations with each other…

However, there were some excellent speakers and below are links to two of the best.

Firstly, Paddy Ashdown provides a tour de force of the current shifting nature of power and how he thinks we need to work now and in the future to get things done. Excellent.

Paddy Ashdown at TEDxBrussels 2011

Secondly, and perhaps more appropriate to this blog, is Julie Meyer. She discusses the role of entrepreneurs including three vital ideas – to me at least – about innovation in the modern world.

1. Focus on the ideas and the money will find you
2. David and Goliath must dance
3. Innovation is about economics

Julie Meyer at TEDxBrussels 2011

I hope you enjoy them both, I certainly did.

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