FinancialGuy Writes!

As I read some of the latest news about the Greek election and the attempts to form a government I am struck by the following quotes:

We cannot make true our dream of a left-wing government“, says Alexis Tsipras of SYRIZA and that “Foreign creditors are now more open to renegotiate“.

Meanwhile, “Should Greece stop its reforms, then I don’t see that remaining tranches will be paid”, says German MP Guido Westerwelle.

I wonder who has the power to win that misunderstanding…?

Separately, your author was discussing the Greek situation yesterday with someone who has just moved from the country, after three years on mission there. Reflecting on the dramatic split between parties in the recent election, her thoughts were not about whether or not the country can repay it’s debts or should stay in the eurozone, but whether or not it will head towards civil war.

That should be very sobering to us all.

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