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What About Cyprus?

It seems that as the days pass, more and more officials are openly discussing a Greek exit from the euro. Now that this sort of momentum is building it is impossible to see any other course of action. I first wrote about a Greek exit here all the way back in May 2011. It was pretty obvious then and it is crystal clear now.

It strikes me that there will be a lot of very significant knock-on effects if and when Greece leaves the euro. I do not profess to be able to predict them with any level of accuracy. Instead, I intend to simply ask an open question and hope for intelligent responses.

What about Cyprus?

Firstly, I ought to point out that I have never been to either Greece or Cyprus, so I claim no expert knowledge whatsoever. From my background knowledge and some reading here and there, it seems as though a Greek exit will have profound impacts on Cyprus financially and economically, but possibly also politically and militarily.

Any thoughts?

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