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Whilst walking home from a client meeting this afternoon I bumped into a close friend, the Danish novelist Christian Jungersen (here).

My client is a highly innovative sports related technology start-up called Oulala. They are in the process of raising venture capital to enable them to help grow and scale the business.

As I was explaining the venture capital process Christian’s face lit up with a broad grin.

“Isn’t it funny” he said, “that there are so few really high risk investors and that they have named themselves ‘venture’? When the rest of us save our incomes for decades in the hope that we will have enough money to simply grow old gracefully. They are venture capital while the rest of us are denture capital.”

I love it. If there is a new phrase to be coined in personal finance, you read it here first! I am a denture capitalist 🙂

Just wait until the advertising execs get hold of this for their segmentation presentations and spreadsheets…

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