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The Ashley Madison 14

Honestly, what government employee is so stupid that they use their work email address to sign up to Ashley Madison?

According to EurActiv, the answer to that question was 14.

Not being married or living with anyone I have never personally had a need to “cheat” so have no first hand experience with the site. However, ten seconds of Googling tells me that signing up does not need email validation making the site and users even less secure.

What were they thinking?

Are they so secure in their work positions that taking risks like this feels safe and acceptable?

Are they so oblivious to data security that they didn’t realise there was a problem?

Are they so lazy that they just couldn’t be bothered to open an anonymous hotmail, yahoo or gmail email account (for free)?

The Brussels bubble is such a small place that it is going to take about three days before the majority of everyone knows their names.

Then what? Are they a security risk? Do they need to be fired or sent away on gardening leave? (I guess that gardening leave means they will spend more time with their spouse or partner, not less…)

It would be a disgrace if they are not seriously reprimanded or relieved of their duties over this. Even if you or I feel that they were just misguided or unlucky, they need to be punished so that everyone else employed in the Commission, Parliament, et al, learns a lesson.


As more and more news is creeping out, the directors of Ashley Madison probably ought to be lawyering up. You may know that they have plans to IPO in London later in 2015 and believe that they have a billion dollar company.

Well, early analysis of the data suggests that only a very small percentage of their users are female. Their official stats suggest that they have 31m male and 5.5m female users. However, the data dump shows that only a very small number of those females ever use the site and that many of them are probably fake.

Running a private company that way is one thing. But coming clean about this will probably kill their business – guys can chat to other guys in a bar or pub, we don’t need to pay Ashley Madison to do it – which means that their IPO ought to be off and the legal situation of their directors is looking uncertain.

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