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Why Elections Matter

Today I submit two pieces of evidence to you as proof that European elections really are important and that the electorate needs to take them very seriously.

Both relate to the unfolding immigration and refugee crisis on Europe’s many borders and both are from Maltese candidates.

The first is a speech made in the European Parliament by Roberta Metsola (obviously a successful candidate):

The second is this link to the blog of a well known commentator of facebook comments made by an unsuccessful candidate in 2009.

One says we must do all we can to help immediately. The other suggests that we close Schengen, line soldiers on the border and shoot to kill. Yeah, I know, you want to click on that link now!

Elections (hopefully) provide a challenge tough enough that the scary or wacky candidates do not succeed and the responsible and sensible ones do. The next time someone tells you that voting is a waste of time, try and remember this…

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