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Real politik. We seem to be in need of a form of digital real politik at the moment.

When the digital collective Anonymous declares war on another group that is the enemy of many states, are they still your enemy?

We know that Anonymous and similar or related hacker groups have been on the radar of many governments for several years. The fact that they are still going and that the high profile arrests of their members are rarely in the press, suggests that they must be pretty darned good at this stuff.

In which case, when will my enemy’s enemy become my friend?

They claim to have already taken down more than 3,800 twitter handles.

When will governments start to provide funding and assistance for them to continue their efforts?

On one hand, I presume that if such offers have been made, they are not going to be exposed in the media for the rest of us to pontificate over.

On the other hand, you have to wonder whether governments need to try and relax their penchant for rules and procedure and embrace the talents and skills of some of society’s counter culture.

I think we can all guess why neither side would be willing to accept the form of the other, but it would seem that a few suitcases full of cash (or well funded Bitcoin accounts) to pay for hardware might be money very well spent in the current climate.

After all, winning is winning.

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