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In recent days the pace of debate about Brexit has intensified on social media. FinancialGuy has been genuinely trying to resist the urge to get involved, but a couple of days ago I gave in.

Below are screenshots of a conversation between me and someone commenting on a friend’s facebook wall. The names have been hidden to protect the innocent. His passion for the argument was clear, but as I read post after post of his, I was unable to see the facts he was relying on for some outlandish statements. The most outlandish, and my reply, is here:

brexit debate online

You don’t need to be a Brexit expert (a Brexpert…?) to understand that any link between national debt in a eurozone nation and the UK leaving the EU are not obviously related.

I weighed into a different point being made by the same person as well…

brexit debate
brexit debate continued
brexit debate 4
brexit debate 5
brexit debate 6

Yes, we all know it and have seen it, this is just a very obvious example. The Brexit plan seems to not have a plan. Just as with the Scottish vote in 2015, the plan seems to be that, “once we are out, we’ll work on it”.

Hope is not a strategy.

There are many sensible points being made by both sides of this debate, but there is a glaring lack of a coherent plan if the leave vote wins.

To me, it feels as though the plan is like driving a car over a cliff and once we are in the air, we will look into flying and landing and see what happens. Utter madness.

It is quite scary just how easy it is to pick apart the arguments of people that passionately believe Britain needs to leave the EU. All you need to do is ask, “How will that work?” about three times before they have no idea what follows.

The conversations seem to go something like this:

“When we leave we will negotiate our own trade deals”.

“How will that work?”

“We are Britain. Who doesn’t want to trade with us?”

“How will that work?”

“We will negotiate our own trade deals”.

“You already said that. How will it work?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t hear that part”.

The cognitive dissonance is enormous at this point because the leave campaign is based almost exclusively on emotion. My only hope is that the British population realise that they are trying to make an enormous change with no plan in sight and that they understand just how risky such a course of action is.

The real issue is clear though. The leave campaign is based on emotion, “I want out, because…” and the remain campaign has to be based on technical details that, to be fair, are not all easy to grasp. This means that winning any sort of debate with someone that wants a Brexit is virtually impossible. Facts and reasoned questions will not change the minds and emotions of anyone.

As I wrote in my previous post, my confidence about the UK remaining within the UK is waning…

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