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Andrew Neil and Nigel Farage sat down on the BBC this week to spar over the Brexit vote that is rapidly approaching. It looked to me as if Andrew Neil asked a number of well researched and pointed questions and did not receive any answers.

In my previous post I highlighted the apparent lack of a plan for the British economy, should the leave camp win the vote.

Having made Mr Farage’s mathematics on migration look pretty sketchy, Andrew Neil turned to the economy. You can watch the debate here:

What is interesting to me, is that Andrew Neil was unable to pin Nigel Farage down to a plan. Whilst I understand that the negotiation will lead to whatever it leads to, it is still amazing to me that the Leave campaign are unwilling, or unable, to declare their preferred outcome.

A preferred outcome is not “to leave”. A preferred outcome is “to leave and negotiate a position of X, Y and Z”. That is a proper plan that the British public can think about, investigate, try and understand and then vote upon. Anything else is a reckless gamble.

What seems worse to me, is that many of the elements of the plan seem to come down to “we’re British” as if we have some God-given right to get a better deal from Europe because of our history. We are just that special that we deserve it.

However, we will be negotiating with people from France, German, Italy, Spain and more. Each of these countries has a proud history and (I’m sure) believes that they are also special. Does that mean that the negotiating plan is simply that Britain is more special than lots of other special countries?

Give me a break.

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