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Rumours abound in the press that the British government is preparing a bill to pass through Parliament to enable Article 50 to be triggered and the UK to leave the EU.

If the more extreme of those rumours is to be believed, then the bill is planned to be just three lines of text long to prevent delays and amendments.

If this actually is the case, dealing with something of such monumental importance with just three lines to avoid dissent is a disgrace. How any politician could argue that by following the result of the referendum they are respecting democracy and then submit a bill like this is beyond my capacity to understand. You don’t get to pick and choose the parts of democracy that you like, that is the point. In exactly the same way, we don’t get to pick and choose the laws that we plan to abide by. Chaos would ensue.

As someone that opposes the idea of Brexit I am very worried about what the future holds for the UK and for me personally. As a Brit abroad – living and working in another EU Member State – there is a very real chance that my situation might be changed radically against my will.

Therefore, I would like to propose an amendment to the Brexit Bill. It is relatively simple and easy to understand and in the spirit of Brexit it is incredibly controversial.

Here it is:

Any British citizen that voted to Leave the EU should have their UK passport revoked.

If a voter so desperately wishes to disengage from the rest of Europe, they should do so personally. If leaving the EU is the huge success that they believe it will be, then they will personally benefit by physically being in UK at all times. If it is not the success that they imagine, then this ensures that they at least suffer along with all the people that disagreed with them and have no choice in the matter.

Will this create two classes of British citizens? Yes it will. But the vote has done that already. This will simply ensure that 51.8% of voters get to live with the results of their choices. Since the rest will have those results forced upon them anyway, that seems entirely fair to me.

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