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Let’s be honest, democracy isn’t having the best time of it right now. I’m not one of those people that believes that it is fundamentally broken, but I do believe that it could be substantially improved upon.

Could now be the time?

The enormous rallies around the world this weekend suggest that there are a great many people that are unhappy with even the prospect of their human rights being challenged. For all we know, President Trump might not be a threat to equality and decency, but who can say at this early stage?

Additionally, a new organization has launched to promote people with STEM knowledge and skills to take on greater roles in American education, policy and politics. I think that it is a great idea. It seems that they are primarily aiming at climate change, but there are so many arenas where such people could be helpful.

Recent months have seen so many crowdfunded, online petition forming, legal challenges that things just feel different to me. Ordinary folks that would otherwise be going about their lives quite happily are in the limelight launching new protests and calling politicians to account.

Is This The Start Of Something?

Perhaps this is the line in the sand for many people who are [insert your own adjective of fear here] about the current state of the world?

If it is, and a percentage of those protesters move on to volunteer or launch their own charities and NGOs to stand up for the issues that they believe in, the changes around the world could be incredible.

So many people have sat on the sidelines – myself included – only to see a decision made that they fundamentally disagree with (for me, it is Brexit) that the shock of these electoral victories is the final impetus they need to stand up and be counted.

If we all take a stand and launch a solution to some small problem that bothers us, the progress could be swift and the disruption permanent.

Me? I have spent the weekend mapping out two ideas to see which I could realistically deliver upon.

What about you? What gets you mad? What gets you so mad that you think you might explode and will fire you up for long enough to work on a solution?

Or am I just dreaming…?

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