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In recent days I have had a couple of enlightening conversations about Brexit and thought I would share some observations.

Firstly, it is self-evident that the Brexit process to date has caused political chaos in the UK. That, however, does not seem to be troubling “leave” voters. As best I can tell, the connection between voting to leave the EU and the UK’s current political mess is the politician’s fault.

“I did my part, now you fix it”.

Secondly, the people I spoke to still seem to believe that Britain should be ploughing on with Brexit and that neither the “remain” camp, nor the EU, has not “answered” their concerns. As best I could tell, their “concerns” were either totally false or simply an opinion which would be very hard to objectively agree or disagree with.

I found myself coming up with a metaphor that I would like to share today…

At a certain point, we all need to behave in the interests of the greater good. Whether I am right or wrong eventually becomes irrelevant if the topic is too damaging to continue with.

For example, you might be cold and decide to light a fire in your house. An hour later and the fire has got out of hand and is likely to burn the house down. There is now new information to use towards making a decision. Do you let the fire burn down the house because some third party has not addressed your need to stay warm, or do you set that aside and save the house?

It feels to me as though the hard Brexit supporters are stood outside the burning building content at their current warmth.


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