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Nigel Farage is back!

Earlier this week, Nigel Farage returned to the UK political scene to bring “leadership” to the Brexit process. You can see him discussing his return here:

When I used to live in Brussels, I met him briefly a couple of times. This would be perhaps ten or more years ago. I cannot deny, I thought he was very charismatic and good fun, but probably not the guy that you want to decide the fate of a nation…

Before the UK in/out referendum, it is impossible to deny that his brand of jingoistic commitment to the UK was very seductive for a large proportion of the UK population. I totally understand why his emotive appeals worked.

Claiming that other people “lack leadership” is easy to do from the outside, even when they are trying to solve the problem that you created and made no effort to plan for. However, the UK is now in a different place and “faith in Britain” is no longer good enough when faced with the much greater understanding that we all now have as to what “out” really entails.

By this stage of the game, the UK needs solid and workable solutions, rather than charisma and hope.

Therefore, I am hoping that this post is read by enough journalists (please share it with your media friends) that someone will have the chance to ask him the one question that matters:

Nigel, do you have a solution to the Irish border issue?

We can all guess that the answer will be anything hopeful that excludes the word “yes”. If you get the chance to ask him, please ask him as many times as you can. On camera.

The thing is, if he does not have a solid and workable plan that will resolve the issues of the Ireland / Northern Ireland border, what is the point of returning? What new value does he add?

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