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Nigel Farage Routed On Facebook

The tide might well be turning. After the disaster in Salzburg which was followed by that speech, Nigel Farage has puffed out his chest and taken to facebook to poll the populace on their current Brexit mood. The screenshot above suggests that things are no longer going so well for him… And look at that… » read more

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Brexiters Routed In Salzburg

It had to happen. Sooner or later someone was going to truly stand up to the Brexiters. Theresa May made the first attempt at this recently, but it was nowhere near enough. Since Prime Minister May has been unable to do it, the task has fallen to the leaders of the EU and it’s Member… » read more

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One Out Of Three Brexit Options

Even by the current standards of politics, the UK is currently in a very odd place. Brexit negotiations seem to be happening by a painful process of elimination. Earlier in the year the government had to accept amendments that make it almost impossible to deliberately remove it from the Single Market and Customs Union. A… » read more

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