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Well done Theresa May! It is about time.

In a recent blog post I questioned the value that Nigel Farage can now bring to the Brexit process.

In it, I asked, “if he does not have a solid and workable plan that will resolve the issues of the Ireland / Northern Ireland border, what is the point of returning? What new value does he add?

Now the Prime Minister and the number 10 team have responded in kind to the stones being thrown by Boris Johnson. To quote the reply, “There are no new ideas in this article to respond to.

Boris, consider yourself burned.

And this is the crux of the matter. Since long before the EU referenda in June 2016 there was no detail behind Leavers demands to exit the EU. More than two years later, there is still no detail behind their desire to leave the EU.

Publicly, there still seems to be no agreement between themselves about what they want. Let’s be honest though, we all know what they want, they just cannot say it out loud in public, because if the voting public finds out that a few million people need to lose their jobs and their homes for The City to become a giant tax haven off the coast of the EU, there would be hell to pay. Which hard working factory guy would vote for City fat cats to get even wealthier…?

This lack of a publicly stated vision for Brexit obviously influences how the public feels about Brexit. In a new poll by the talk radio station, LBC, Leavers still seem to be confused about what they hope to get. Quoting from the above link:

The Prime Minister might be saying that Brexit means Brexit and we are scratching our heads wondering what she means. But voters have a very clear idea in their own minds.

65% say it means full control of our borders. 63% says it means no more payments to the European Union.

That presents a problem, because the Prime Minister has already ruled both of those out. We know that negotiations have taken place with regards to control of our borders and of course we’re paying that £39billion to the EU as part of the divorce bill.

The problem seems to be that most of the Brexiteers have neither a clear vision on their preferred direction, nor constructive new ideas to offer, nor have managed to understand where the negotiations currently stand. And they wonder why they aren’t getting what they want!!

Details Brexiteers! This is about laws and regulations so everything is in the details! And let’s be honest, Davis/Farage/Fox/Johnson have not proved themselves to be truly detail orientated so far…

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