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Nigel Farage Routed On Facebook

The tide might well be turning. After the disaster in Salzburg which was followed by that speech, Nigel Farage has puffed out his chest and taken to facebook to poll the populace on their current Brexit mood. The screenshot above suggests that things are no longer going so well for him…

And look at that – only 416,000 votes. Most consumer polling uses a sample size of only 1,000. I wonder what the statistical significance on this vote being meaningful is?

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, unless he has a solution to the Irish border I don’t see why he has rejoined the spotlight. Could it be that even though he claims to hate career politicians, as a career politician that is successfully ending his own career, he needs the oxygen of publicity…?

What Is Happening?
I have a theory that up and down the UK, normal folks who have a passing understanding of Brexit are being forced to learn more. You may recall that the Brexiters demanded that the government publish papers to help prepare for a hard Brexit? It shows negotiators in Brussels that the UK is serious about leaving. The British government is now publishing them in tranches.

My theory is that there are many hundreds of thousands of businesses of all sizes where an owner or manager has instructed one or more staff members to read these documents and work out what the company might need to do. Suddenly, a few million Brits are reading these things, taking notes, preparing memos and scheduling meetings to discuss them with the company. The potential realities of food running out on supermarket shelves, prescription drug supplies running out, phone tarrifs, fees to travel to France, Dover grinding to a halt, flights being grounded and on and on are being forced upon the populace. For the want of a better phrase, shit’s getting real.

As this continues, the likelyhood of Leave winning a second vote slips by the day.

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