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Delta Summit 2018 Malta

Malta, in it’s recently self-appointed role as the “blockchain island” hosted the first Delta Summit to discuss blockchain technology.

I was amazed. The last time I went to a crypto related event there were maybe fifty people there. At the Delta Summit there were many hundreds. The buzz around blockchain is clearly much stronger than I had realised, despite my love and knowledge of the technology. There was real energy in the room and it is wonderful to see so much going on in the space. As if this wasn’t enough, the rival Malta Blockchain Summit will be hosted in the same venue at the start of November.

Sadly, there did not seem to be that many people that actually understood blockchain technology very well, at least not amongst the people that I spoke to. As with any major conference in a small location like Malta, there were large numbers of real estate agents, recruitment agents, corporate service firms, bankers and pretty PR girls. Their grasp of blockchain was understandably limited.

However, the event did attract “Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver as a keynote speaker. The crypto world has – in my opinion – three real celebrities and he is one of them. As the first investor in Bitcoin and a key figure in the creation of Bitcoin Cash he has an important role in the crypto ecosystem. The conference also hosted a number of figures from the Maltese government – including the Prime Minister – and University.

Sadly, as is so often the case at these type of events, there was little in the way of genuine policy being discussed. There seemed to be many more hypothetical conversations about where the technology may or may not go. It is worth noting that Malta’s crypto legislation is brand new, so at this stage it is unlikely that the policy conversations would be that involved. I’m sure that by this time next year there will have been significant evolution.

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