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My social media accounts flashed this week with the launch of a new public affairs publication for the EU space:

Something that always seemed like a minefield to me whilst I was in Brussels, was who and how everything was connected. Even the most obvious connections seemed to be opaque at best. BestInBrussels is having a go at demistifying some of that opacity and shedding it’s own light on the world of EU lobbying. From my knowledge of EU affairs, this is the only publication of it’s kind.

BestInBrussels lists the firms that it finds to be the most important in the Brussels bubble, explaining their main roles and areas of expertise in a helpful and unbiased way. Since it has been prepared by long-term EU experts Mark Dober and Natalia Kurop, both of the Ellwood Atfield Brussels office, one can be sure that significant expertise has been poured into it’s creation.

If helping to do some good in the market isn’t enough, the project will also donate one third of it’s profits to UNICEF which is a very nice touch. Good luck!

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