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I’m just a guy with a keen interest in finance, economics and geo-politics. Needless to say, I fit in quite well in Brussels…

In a previous life, I worked in both the UK and Belgium in financial services and for these reasons, I hold a number of qualifications in personal finance. Therefore, many of my musings are based on some professional knowledge or experience – though when the EU world is looking into bank funding, derivatives and the like, these qualifications have their limits!

I have had some EU policy experience, writing a personal finance column for the European Voice for almost 2 years, and later conducting many types of journalism, marketing and technical work with EurActiv.

I have been fortunate enough to attend some very important policy events and interview some top level experts and politicians. As time passed, my understanding and access has broadened to include climate change, energy and innovation policy areas.

I also run a couple of websites that bring in the bulk of my income. I am an entrepreneur by nature and have a very keen understanding of tech, business and marketing which is why I am so drawn to innovation policy matters.

Disclosure: There are occassional posts on this blog that are the result of my attendance at innovation policy related events. On a couple of occassions, I have attended events arranged by EUREKA, and had my travel costs paid to be there. I have not been paid to blog, or told what to blog, but the costs of plane fare and hotel were covered. Whether you feel that this corrupts my judgement or not, I leave to you, but for transparency purposes, I feel I ought to declare it.

Contact me: If you would like to get in touch with me, please do! Simply leave a comment on a post – it will be auto published but I log in and look around frequently so I ought to see it. Don’t worry, I delete spam.

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