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Every now and then it is clear to me that a market is either at or near the start or a charge, or will soon do so. Since my ego demands that I publish those moments when I am sure, below is a list of links to my tips. They won’t happen often, but when I publish, I am normally totally convinced. Part of the writing process is to help me argue the case fully to test it for weaknesses.

Bitcoin Cash (August 2017): Buy Recommendation @ US$627 / 525 euros – currently open (updated in December 2017)

Ethereum (December 2016): Buy Recommendation @ 7.57 euros – currently open (updated in December 2017)

Bitcoin (December 2015): Buy Recommendation @ 401.93 euros. Closed out @ the equivalent of 4153 euros, which was equal to a 933% gain.

Dow Jones and FTSE 100 (March 2013): Buy Recommendation for the FTSE @ 6492 – went to 6738 and the Dow Jones @ 14,412 – went to 16,469 in 10 months which is a 14.2% gain.

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